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Stories matter more than ever

Stories shape and influence how we see the world. Great stories connect us to our shared humanity.

Stories stay with us. They can cut through the noise and move us in ways other marketing and communication doesn't.


It's said that every social movement begins with a story and if you're a non-profit or foundation, stories are one of your biggest assets. 

At North Star Narratives we help changemakers at all levels unearth and share the stories that capture the impact of their work.


Whether you're looking to grow your support base, influence policy makers or raise awareness, smart storytelling unlocks doors and helps build powerful narratives for social change.  

Our clients

We've helped a diverse group of clients across Australia who are all doing incredible things to make the world a better place.  Some are working at the grass roots level to effect change in our communities, others are using their privilege and profile to grow giving.

What they share is a recognition of the power of storytelling to extend the impact of their work. Here are some of the inspiring non-profits we've worked with - we encourage you to take a look at the great work they're doing.

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